Why is a Valuation so important?

At Winfields Surveyors London, we understand that there are various circumstances in which our clients may require a property valuation report. These situations may include tax planning, probate, matrimonial matters, insurance, or court proceedings. We have a team of RICS Registered Valuers who are experienced in various valuation fields and possess a high level of appropriate skills, knowledge, and understanding of the respective field.

Most property valuations fall under the RICS Valuation Standards Manual, commonly known as ‘The Red Book,’ and must meet the governing body’s strict criteria. Our Chartered Surveyors who undertake Red Book work are also Registered Valuers and pride themselves on their professional approach based on consistency, objectivity, and transparency. We work hard to ensure that our clients understand the exact nature of their instruction and what they can expect to receive from us.

Our Valuers conduct themselves in a highly ethical manner, delivering valuation reports that are clear and easy to understand while conforming to recognized practices. We have offices across London, including Kensington, Fulham, South Woodford, Winchmore Hill, Hendon, and Greenwich, allowing us to serve clients throughout the city.

It is crucial to have a formal ‘Red Book’ property valuation carried out by a RICS Registered Valuer for a variety of official reasons, including probate or inheritance-related requirements, calculation of Capital Gains Tax or Inheritance Tax, property disputes, property sale under the Charities Act, shared ownership and social housing purchase, divorce proceedings, valuation for bank, mortgage, or insurance purposes, pension-related proceedings, including asset transfer into a SIPP pension fund, dissolution of partnerships and other asset-backed companies, and compulsory purchases orders.

Institutional lenders, solicitors, accountants, or HMRC may specify Red Book valuations. Our RICS Registered Valuers can provide confidence that all correct procedures have been followed and that the valuation will stand up to any scrutiny it may face.

In conclusion, a property valuation report is a critical document requiring high expertise and professionalism to produce. At Winfields Surveyors London, our team of RICS Registered Valuers has the knowledge and experience to undertake such valuations and deliver reports that are accurate, transparent, and conform to recognized practices. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a property valuation.

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