The Benefit of a Building Survey over a Lender’s Valuation

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A Building Survey is a comprehensive and detailed review of the condition of a property, which a qualified Chartered Surveyor can conduct. Prospective buyers often undertake this type of survey before purchasing to give them an accurate assessment of the property they buy. This type of survey is very different to a Lender’s Valuation, which is only intended to provide an estimate of the property’s value for the benefit of a lender.

The main advantage of undertaking a Building Survey over a Lender’s Valuation is that it provides much more detailed information about the condition of the building, allowing potential buyers to make an informed decision about any works that may be needed before purchase or after completion. It typically covers aspects such as structural elements, insulation, dampness and ventilation, and any other significant defects or areas that require attention. The survey will also recommend any repairs or alterations that could improve the building’s performance and reduce running costs. As such, this survey type can save money in the long term.

Furthermore, a Building Survey provides peace of mind knowing you have all the necessary information about your potential purchase before committing financially. This can help with budgeting and allow more accurate future planning concerning maintenance work, repairs and any upgrades required to ensure your home remains habitable and comfortable into the future.

In comparison, although Lender’s Valuations provide essential information on value for lenders when making decisions regarding loan applications, they offer limited insight into the general condition and maintenance requirements beyond what might be observed during normal inspection viewing activities. A Lender’s Valuation won’t include advice on how best to maintain components or what work needs doing to ensure efficient functionality over time – two things which are vital when considering such significant investments like homes!

Therefore, having an independent expert undertake a Building Survey before purchase is highly recommended for anyone looking for complete transparency throughout their buying process!

Standard benefits:

  • A Building Survey provides a detailed report of the condition of the property and any potential issues.
  • It can also identify any additional works that may be required to bring the property up to an acceptable standard.
    Emotional benefits:
  • Gives peace of mind knowing you’re making an informed decision about your purchase.
  • Can save money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs or renovations down the line.

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